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Getting started


Retour 5 requires Kirby 4.

For Kirby 3, you can use v4.4.2 (although without further support or development).


There are two main ways to install this plugin:

  1. Download & unzip
  2. Copy this repository to /site/plugins/retour.
  3. Visit the Panel view:

With composer

Alternatively, you can install it with composer:

composer require distantnative/retour-for-kirby

Panel menu

coming soon...


Make sure to read the release notes for breaking changes before you start the update.

  1. Download & unzip the new version
  2. Replace the /site/plugins/retour folder

Or, if you installed the plugin via composer, run:

composer update distantnative/retour-for-kirby

Create a backup

When updating, always make sure to first create backups of the redirects config (/site/config/retour.yml) and database (/site/logs/retour/log.sqlite).